mv Pride of Bruges     Hull to Zeebrugge

Passengers:  1000 Cars:  850 Built:  1987 Speed:  16.5/18.5 knots

The mv Pride of Bruges was built as the mv Norsun for North Sea Ferries for use on their Hull to Rotterdam route. The Rotterdam route had built up trade to the point where the 1974 mv Norland and mv Norstar were operating to capacity.

In May 2001 she was replaced by the new mv Pride of Rotterdam, once relieved of active duty she was sent off for two months major refurbishment and branding realignment prior to entering service on the Hull to Zeebrugge route replacing the 27 year old mv Norstar in full P&O colours. The following year she was renamed mv Pride of Bruges to bring the naming convention into line with the rest of the fleet.

During her delivery voyage she was chartered to deliver 850 brand new cars from Japan to Rotterdam.