mv Pride of Calais     Dover to Calais (1987 until 2012)

Passengers:  2290 Cars:  650 Built:  1986 Speed:  22 knots

The mv Pride of Calais was built by Schichau-Unterweser AG, Bremen-Vegesack in Germany. The initial order was placed by Townsend Thoresen however when delivered P&O had completed their full take over and as such the ship was delivered in P&O livery. The design was based upon a larger version of the Spirit Class (Pride of Free Enterprise, Spirit of Free Enterprise & Herald of Free Enterprise) which were designed and built some thirteen years earlier.

Both the mv Pride of Calais and her sister the mv Pride of Dover are now beginning to show their age in terms of layout and interior brightness and this leads a lot of the time to them being considered the oldest of the fleet which is quite true. What is often overlooked however is the rest of the fleet are less than 5 years younger. So despite being over 24 years old they are still regarded as the most successful ferry ever built for the Dover to Calais route.

In 2007 P&O commissioned a project to design the next generation of ferries, these ferries when designed and built are set to replace the mv Pride of Calais and her sister the mv Pride of Dover. Whilst her sistership was withdrawn on schedule the mv Pride of Calais was retained following the closure of Seafrance and remains in active service between Dover and Calais.