mv Pride of Kent     Dover to Calais

Passengers:  2000 Cars:  600 Built:  1992 Speed:  21 knots

The mv Pride of Kent was built as the mv European Highway as part of an order for four new freight ferries for the four hour Dover to Zeebrugge crossing in the early 1990's. The original order with the shipyard was for four identical ferries to be named: mv European Seaway, mv European Highway, mv European Pathway and mv European Causeway. However as ever in the ever changing ferry world during construction of the mv European Causeway the design was amended and the ship was launched as the full passenger vessel mv Pride of Burgundy.

The mv Pride of Kent's career has been uneventful and throughout her career she has only ever worked out of the port of Dover either in her original design as a freight only ferry to Zeebrugge or since 2003 to Calais in her current form. In 2003 the Dover to Zeebrugge route closed and the mv European Highway was sent back to her builders to be converted into a full passenger vessel. This project was named 'Project Darwin' and turned two twelve year old freighters into bright and modern passenger vessels. She emerged from the ship resplendant in her new livery and carrying the name of mv Pride of Kent. Upon entering passenger service she took up the rosta of the ageing mv P&OSL Kent, which was then retired from the fleet.

Very little of the passenger decks remain the same as when she was built and it is very easy to forget that the ship is a sister to the mv European Seaway and mv Pride of Burgundy.