mv Pride of Burgundy     Dover to Calais

Passengers:  1420 Cars:  530 Built:  1993 Speed:  21 knots

European Causeway (Never officially named)
Originally ordered as a RoRo freighter as per the design of the European Seaway and would have been the fourth ship in series. However due to demand on the Dover to Calais service the order was amended whilst the ship was being constructed to a RoPax design and entered service in full passenger/freight mode.

Pride of Burgundy
16th May 1992 Launched
23rd March 1993 Delivered to P&O Ferries, Dover
5th April 1993 Entered service between Dover and Calais
10th March 1998 Rebranded into P&O Stena Line branding
14th November 1998 Following a gearbox brakedown the ship was sent to Dunkerque for overhaul. Renamed P&OSL Burgundy. No gearbox was available so a gearbox from the European Pathway was removed and installed.

P&OSL Burgundy
15th October 2002 Renamed PO Burgundy

PO Burgundy
27th February 2003 Renamed Pride of Burgundy