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First of all let me say thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to look around.


onboardpoferries.com is an independent website run by a single ferry enthusiast for fellow enthusiasts and travellers enjoyment. P&O Ferries do not fund onboardpoferries.com and as such the site aims to be impartial and offer a fair view point on their services.

Here you can learn all there is to know about P&O Ferries. The site is updated as often as possible with the aim to be at least once every six months, the photographs and deck plans are checked and updated each year. If you would like to be kept informed of any changes and of the latest P&O related news you are welcome to follow the site on Twitter.

The website has grown significantly since its launch in 2000 and has undergone significant change and growth over a relatively short space of time which has resulted in the site becoming as successful and comprehensive as it is today. The site is visited by enthusiasts, travellers, the media and the trade from all around the world meaning this site has established itself as a leading resource for information. Material from the site has been used by various bodies within the industry in presentations, lectures and conferences.


I have been interested in ferries since 1990 when I was 12 and have spent many many an hour onboard ferries operating out of the United Kingdom ever since. Because of the internet many ferry enthusiast sites appeared, some sadly now are no longer with us whilst some have gone from strength to strength. From 2002 I was a member of two of the largest UK based sites, then in late 2005 I was presented with the opportunity to manage one of these, the site in question being the P&O Ferries Enthusiasts site. The site was run from Portsmouth on the south coast of the United Kingdom and mainly concentrated on the routes operated out of Portsmouth. Sadly all except one of these routes was closed during 2005. During a conversation with the Webmaster at the time, I was presented with an opportunity to manage the site going forward. Since then I have developed more and more areas of the website and have made many friends aboard the P&O fleet, both past and present, during my travels to update and maintain the website.

Facts & Figures

As of January 2011:Late 2005:
185 Megabytes of space is needed11 Megabytes of space was needed
287 Publically Accessible Pages68 Publically Accessible Pages
3000+ High Resolution Images144 High Resolution Images

People often ask me how long does it take to operate the site, well the answer to that is staggering:

So once again I would like to thank you for your interest in the site and I really do enjoy receiving feedback on the site as it makes all the above worthwile.

All change

January 2011 saw major changes, the number of visitors to the P&O Ferries Enthusiasts website was growing and not only from ferry and shipping enthusiasts. It was therefore decided to change the name of the site whilst maintaining the original focus of the website, hence www.onboardpoferries.com was born.