Hull to Zeebrugge


Number of Sailings: 1 per day (overnight) Hull to Zeebrugge Map
Crossing time: 14 hours
Vehicle check-in: closes 60 mins before departure
Foot passenger check-in: closes 60 mins before departure

Ships sail from each port at 18:30, with boarding beginning at 16:00. Arrival time is 08:00 the following morning.


Cabin Information:

Cabins are located towards the front of all passenger decks. Many of the cabins on Green Deck were totally refurbished or installed in 2001 when the ships were transferred from the Rotterdam to Zeebrugge route. The standard grade cabins on the other decks are original and coloured in the old North Sea Ferries style.

All cabins offer en-suite facilities, including shower, wc and washbasin. The cabins are bright, individually air conditioned giving you a secure place to leave your belongings, your own space and privacy to relax in. Linen and toileties are provided in all cabins as standard, extra pillows are usually available from Guest Services.

Pride of York
Coffee Area (Pride of York)
Show Lounge (Pride of York)
Restaurant (Pride of York)
Piano Lounge (Pride of York)