Pride of Hull

Pride of Hull
24th January 1999 Order Placed.
1st March 2000 Service name changed from Pride of Rotterdam to Pride of Hull due to the engine room fire on the Norstar. The Norstar being the Dutch ship and the crew being allocated to the Pride of Rotterdam.
11th April 2001 Launched.
16th November 2001 Delivered to owners. P&O North Sea Ferries.
30th November 2001 Christened by Mrs. Cherie Blair in Hull.
2nd December 2001 Entered service between Hull & Rotterdam.
12th November 2002 Stood down for refit, Rozenburg, Holland.
9th December 2002 Suffered a minor engine room fire en-route to Hull. Extinguished by crew and arrived in Hull 30 minutes late, no injuries and remained in service.