Spirit of Britain

 8th August 2008 Order Placed.
 3rd March 2009 The first steel plate was cut by P&O Ferries chief executive, Helen Deeble.
 25th August 2009 The keel block was laid at the STX Europe shipyard in Rauma, Finland. In keeping with maritime tradition, coins were placed under the keel for good fortune.
 13th May 2010 It was announced that the new ships would be named Spirit of Britain and Spirit of France. Spirit of Britain was originally to be called Olympic Spirit, but was renamed to avoid copyright infringement. Dame Kelly Holmes agreed to become godmother to the Spirit of Britain.
 8th June 2010 Spirit of Britain is floated out of its construction dock and maneuvered to the fitting out quay by tugs.
 23rd November 2010 Departs the shipyard at 10am for sea trials in the Gulf of Bothnia.
 5th January 2011 Handed over to owners P&O Ferries and departs on her delivery voyage to Dover, UK. Owing to heavy ice conditions, the ship was escorted by the ice breaker Nordica as far as Stockholm, Sweden.
 9th January 2011 Arrived in Dover shortly after 11am and escorted into port in maritime tradition by harbour tugs.
 14th January 2011 Carried out berthing trials in Dover, UK.
 15th January 2011 Carried out berthing trials in Calais, France.
 21st January 2011 Entered commercial service between Dover and Calais under the command of senior master, Captain David Miller.
 24th January 2011 Proceeded to ARNO in Dunkerque for 48 hours of remedial work to ensure a better port fit in the port of Calais. Her bow spade was extended by 300mm on deck five and by 150mm on deck three.
 4th February 2011 Aborted her 09:20 sailing with technical problems. It was reported that she was suffering shaft problems. She departed Dover at 12:30 with the assistance of two tugs and proceeded to the Margate Roads.
 5th February 2011 Departed the Margate Roads bound for Zeebrugge, arriving at 23:30.
 6th February 2011 Departed Zeebrugge at 16:30. Arriving in Dover at 22:00 before taking up the 23:15 sailing to Calais.
 24th March 2011 Officially named Spirit of Britain by Dame Kelly Holmes MBE at Dover's eastern docks. She sailed from the port at 13:30 for a special cruise before returning to Dover at 14:30. She resumed service between Dover and Calais at 17:30.
 28th December 2011 Departed Dover for a hull inspection in Falmouth, Cornwall.
 5th January 2012 Arrived back in Dover and took up the 19:05 service to Calais.
 31st March 2012 Departed Dover to sail back to Rauma in Finland for modifications to alleviate the vibrations. The veteran Pride of Calais was retained in service to cover the Spirit of Britain's absence.
 4th April 2012 Arrive in Rauma, Finland.
 22nd April 2012 Departed Rauma, heading back to Dover.
 24th April 2012 Arrived back in Dover and resumed operation service the following day.
 28th June 2012 Suffered technical difficulties on approach to Calais and was withdrawn from service for two days to effect repairs to the propellers.
 31st August 2012 Withdrawn from service again due to technical problems, resumed service on the 2nd September 2012.
 4th September 2012 On approach to Dover suffered further problems, reporting that the ship was only able top opperate on two engines and one propeller shaft. Aided to the berth by port tugs. Resumed service the next day.
 3rd January 2014 Stood down from service for refit in Dunkerque.
 17th January 2014 Departed Dunkerque at 14:00 and resumed service from Dover with the 23:45 service to Calais.
 30th January 2015 Stood down from service for refit in Falmouth.
 7th February 2015 Departed Falmouth for Dover and resumed service the next day.
 25th December 2015 Stood down from service for refit in Vlissingen.
 15th January 2016 Departed Vlissingen for Dover and resumption of service.
 18th December 2016 Stood down from service for refit in Vlissingen. The ship had the house flags painted out on the funnel the day before in readiness for the new style house flag.
 27th December 2017 Off service with technical problems, resumed service the following day.
 3rd January 2019 Arriving at the Blohm & Voss shipyard, Hamburg for overhaul.
 14th January 2019 Back in service between Dover & Calais, also reflagged to Limassol in Cyprus.