Thank you for visiting OnboardPOFerries.com, the independent guide to P&O Ferries.

OnboardPOFerries.com started out in March 1999 as the P&O Ferries Enthusiasts website which at that time was operated from Portsmouth in the United Kingdom. The website at the time was focused on the routes and ships operating out of Portsmouth and was independent of P&O Ferries themselves, albeit it operated with their full knowledge and approval, something which remains to this day.

In 2005 P&O Ferries closed all except one route out of Portsmouth and the webmaster at the time was considering the future of the website. During a conversation with the Webmaster at the time, I was presented with an opportunity to manage the site going forward. Since then I have developed more and more areas of the website and have made many friends aboard the P&O fleet, both past and present, during my travels to update and maintain the website.

The website has grown significantly since its launch and has undergone significant change and growth which has resulted in the site becoming as successful and comprehensive as it is today. The site is visited by enthusiasts, travellers, the media and the trade from all around the world meaning this site has established itself as a leading and trusted resource for information. Material from the site has been used by various bodies within the industry in presentations, lectures and conferences. On many occasions P&O Ferries have contacted me themselves for photographs etc.

For several years the website grew and evolved under the original banner of P&O Ferries Enthusiasts but by 2011 it was becoming obvious that more non-enthusiasts were visiting the site so during a refresh of the website OnboardPOFerries.com was born.

Over the next six years the site continued to grow initially but then due to outside influences on the webmaster a pause was enforced. The site to this day is still operated as a hobby and by a single person in their spare time.

In 2018 a new, modern and fresh design was launched and the website once again evolves. It is hoped to grow the site into a maritime version of the highly successful and informative website Seat61.com.

Throughout its history the website has maintained a close relationship with P&O Ferries and whilst it is independent and receives no direct funding from them it maintains the same type of advertising as it did all those years ago. Many websites have adverts for companies that they are associated with, this is called affiliate advertising whereby the website with the advert is paid a commission for any sales that are driven from their website to the supplier, in this case P&O Ferries. Many rules are placed on affiliates and I would like to thank P&O Ferries for being recognised by them to such a degree that I am allowed to break these rules, a sign of how much they value both mine and the websites contribution.