As both the Hull to Rotterdam and Hull to Zeebrugge service's are overnight sailings all the ships feature comfortable cabins allowing you to get a good nights sleep ready for your onward journey the next day.
Standard Cabins
The Standard Cabins are typically 2 or 4 berth cabins, with lower and upper bunks. The cabins are available as both inside and outside cabins meaning that you get a window in the cabin for extra light. All cabins are en-suite with a shower.
Premier Cabins
The Premier Cabins are either two berth or two bed cabins. On the Hull to Rotterdam service they are usually two bed cabins, meaning that both beds are on the same level which gives you the size of cabin of a 4 berth cabin but for two people. On the Hull to Zeebrugge service the Premier Cabins are more spacious than the Standard Cabins but still feature bunks. All cabins are en-suite with a shower, the space inside the bathroom is larger than the Standard Cabins.
Club Class Cabins
The Club Class cabins are available on both routes and are the highest grade of cabin available, located in the quieter areas of the ship they feature the most space in the cabin, largest bathrooms and also come complete with TV and Minibar. The Club Cabins can often be great value as some can sleep up to 5 people. Some cabins feature double beds, whilst others are single beds, in the family ones some bunks are in use.
Hull to Rotterdam
On the Pride of Hull and Pride of Rotterdam the cabins are located towards the front of the ship on Decks 8 & 9 and also the entire of Deck 10 is cabins. Deck 10 is broken up into four sections 101xx, 102xx etc with section 2 being located directly above the Show Bar. Sadly these inside cabins here do suffer from noise from the Show Bar until the early hours when the disco finishes. Whilst the cabins on Deck 8 & 9 are in the section of the ship directly in front of the Show Lounge, the doors between the section are very good at eliminating noise.