Guest Services

Guest Services or Reception is available on all the ships in the fleet and located either within or nearby will be the Bureau de Change. Please remember that there are no currency services available in the terminals so it is either before sailing or when onboard. At Dover there are some limited facilities in the port buildings after check-in.
Dover to Calais
On the ships operating the Dover to Calais service the Guest Services desk is located towards the middle of the ships on the lowest passenger deck. When boarding as a foot passenger in Dover you will enter the ship over the gangway situated at the rear of the ship. In Calais the gangway is on the right hand side of the ship about a third of the way back from the front of the ship. Vehicle passengers will enter the ship on this deck from 4 different locations located throughout the length of the ship.
Hull to Rotterdam
On the Pride of Hull and Pride of Rotterdam the Guest Services desk is located in the middle of the ship on Deck 8. When travelling as a foot passenger you will board the ship directly into this area, and when travelling by vehicle you will either enter the passenger areas in this area or directly in front of the show lounge.